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Learn About Harry Kroner - Quantum Healing Hypnotherapy, Prescott, AZ.

A little more about me.

I am a catalyst of Deep Healing and Spiritual Awakening. 

It's been my soul's purpose to teach and help others connect with their true, authentic being and experience new levels of deep understanding, healing and expansion of consciousness. 

I have studied many modalities over the last 25 years, from a Bachelor and Masters in Psychology, Spiritual Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression, Life Coaching, Energy Healing, NLP, Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique, BQH, and much more. 


The difference you will experience with me is that I have synthesized all of this schooling and experience of working with thousands of individuals and created a very broad and comprehensive healing modality I call Quantum Healing Methods (QHM). I now teach and certify new practitioners in this modality. For more information on QHM click here.

It is important to know that I will meet you where you are on your journey regardless of your current place in your life, beliefs system, or complexity of your challenges. You can join me for a private program, workshops in Infinite Ascension Academy, or getting certified in QHM. Allow the natural progression of our work together to take you as far as you wish.

I look forward to connecting with you.

About Quantum Healing Methods Hypnotherapy Session Online With Harry Kroner, Prescott Arizona

My Approach: Learn About Quantum Healing Methods


Everything is in a constant state of change, including you and me. I am constantly evolving, as should you. I am not the same person I was even a year ago. In my personal and universal experience as a human, I have learned much and made it my purpose to share with you how I moved through all aspects of life and transcended through each of them, both as an individual experiencer of these methods, and the experience of what works for so many of my clients.


You are a sovereign being! Therefore, you need to experience your breakthroughs and allow them to empower you. It is not up to anyone else to tell you what you need in your life. It is your breakthrough! You are your own best, purest, and wisest source of information. It is vital to reach those levels of consciousness to bring deep understanding, healing and expansion of your being.


My purpose is to facilitate, teach, and open the path for you in the most expansive and enriching way. Provide you valuable tools to utilize for rest of your life, learning instead of being counseled or advised, learning how to become a better version of your authentic self for the rest of this lifetime and beyond.

I can promise you this; you will leave each session we have together feeling better than when you came.

Read more about my Private Programs and how it can help you.


My Modality: Will Quantum Healing Methods Help Me?


I am the Founder of Integrative Quantum Healing, Teaching & Certification, and apply my own healing modality that combines all aspects an array of proven modalities such as Spiritual Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression Therapy, Life Coaching, Energy Healing, Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique, and more. 

My purpose is to facilitate, teach, and open the path & ascension for you in the most expansive and enriching way. I am absolutely certain that my modality  - Quantum Healing Methods - can, and will help you, so your light can shine bright.

What is Quantum Healing Methods?

Quantum Healing Methods (QHM) is a part of the new wave of healing modalities that create change from the quantum level of your being. It initiates healing, transformation, activates expansion and connection to the higher-self and other light beings that are here to assist you on your path.

This is a comprehensive, deep, empowering, and effective modality that combines quantum healing hypnosis, Fifth Dimensional Psychology, Galactic Expansion and Healing, Conscious Soul Coaching, and more. It helps individuals clear deep trauma, unhealthy habits and patterns in life, connect with higher guidance, mission and purpose, heal the heart, body and mind, release trapped emotions, learn about your full soul experience, other lives, other dimensions, and empowers to live as a fully expressed divine being that we are.

I developed this method over the last twenty years, and it continues to evolve and expand. I combine my earthly learning of Psychology, Hypnotherapy, Energy Healing, and Soul Coaching. Along with the higher dimensional teachings and intuition taught by Ascension Masters, Light Councils, and Galactic Healers that I work with on higher levels of consciousness.

The approach is that the individual has all these abilities within them, and we simply facilitate and guides them through their own unraveling, healing, and expansion with the assistance of highly evolved beings where needed. All answers lie within, and it is our role to facilitate the experience for you.

How is Quantum Healing Methods different from other healing modalities?

You are not alone! It is my utmost pleasure to guide you through your journey towards becoming a better version of yourself. From my experience of helping thousands of individuals and groups, I know that it is a journey that takes, healing, unraveling, empowerment, set-backs, shadow work, expansion, enlightenment, integration and moving to the next phase. This journey cannot start and end in one session. Therefore, I take the approach of working together for a period of time and going through that process of self-mastery and ascension. No matter where you are on your journey you can always transcend to the next level.

This modality is unique in its ability to empower you while addressing all areas of our experience, body, heart, mind, and soul. There are many fantastic healers out there that can do a portion of that but very few have the expansive experience to address of all these areas together.

I see you as an equal human being on your journey, and I am not here to tell you what you need, but you are going to experience your own deeper revelations and that is very impactful and empowering.

It is important to mention that I will meet you where you are, if you are interested only in working on certain aspects, I honor that. And if you are ready to explore other areas, we will do so, all in your pace and place on your personal journey. 



What to expect in your Private Quantum Healing Hypnotherapy Sessions.

Whether you join me for the two, six, or twelve month program, you will receive a very personal experience. From this point on, you are not alone on your journey and I mean it. 


The private sessions will take place either in person at my office or online through Zoom (I work with people all over the world). My clients are surprised at how deep and profound of an experience you can have connecting online. 

Most sessions (except for QHHT and Past Lives) take about an hour. We will have a short discussion on the topic at hand, and then move on to an intentional evocation of consciousness on the topic in a deep state. This will follow with a short post talk about the experience.

I record the deeper portion of the session for your benefit, so you can enjoy it again if you wish or reflect on it later. Within a few sessions you will have a nice collection of wonderful and personalized transformational experiences to repeat at your leisure.

We will work on a regular basis either weekly or bi-weekly for the duration of our work together. Along with text and email support as needed. You are not alone!

So if you are ready to embark on this transformation journey with me, schedule your free consultation in the link below, or sign up for one of the transformational programs.

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